Todd Gitlin

May 17 panel, Occupy and American Politics, 2012 and After

At the Journalism School, World Room, Columbia University, 116th St. and Broadway (enter through courtyard), 5-7 pm.  With myself, Thomas Edsall (*The Age of Austerity*), Nelini Stamp (Working Families Party, OWS), Pablo Benson (Indig-Nacion, OWS).  Light refreshments.  All welcome.

The Gift of Mitt

The Gift of Mitt, who keeps on giving. From The American Prospect:

'Last October, the Las Vegas Review-Journal asked [Romney] if he would help the flagging housing market that is hurting so many Nevadans. His chilly response: “Don’t try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.” Last June in Florida, long before he claimed to New Hampshirites that knew the fear of getting a “pink slip,” Romney made an equally unsuccessful stab at relating to the hard-put-upon: “I should tell my story,” he said at a campaign stop. “I’m also unemployed.”'